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Sessions This Tuesday, Thursday

Posted on: 2012-06-29 13:44:00

Mixing is beginning to go well for The Solution is the Problem. There's very little left to record, but as mixes progress, there may be a few lines here or there that will have to be re-recorded. As I enter the mixing stage of things, I also enter the "patching" stage of things - where something previously recorded I thought would work out won't. In upcoming sessions, I'll be working with all the songs and you'll hear complete mixes for them, maybe for the first time.

Your participation is still important - working in a vacuum sucks and there aren't exactly people to work with in upstate New York, even if they did accept me for who I am, and you for who you are. Your feedback keeps me going through the thousands of little decisions I have to make as these songs waddle toward completion. I very much enjoy having y'all around while I work.

Due to the holiday, I won't be working on Wednesday, July 4, but join me the evening before and the evening after as these songs come together. As always I'll be streaming on my LiveStream channel, starting at 6pm EDT Tuesday, July 3rd and Thursday, July 5th.

Remember that I'm still taking your vocals for "Occupied" and "Moving to Silence." We've had only one contribution so far, from an old high school friend of mine I didn't even know sang! This was a very nice suprise but I still need your support. All the details are in this post.

I hope to see everyone Tuesday and Thursday evening!


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