Mark Scudder

Sessions & Appearances This Week

Vocal sessions continue this week for The Solution Is The Problem, and I will be onThe Freedom's Wings Show this Thursday.

Wednesday 6/13 7pm: (Rescheduled Tuesday session) I will be joined in the LiveStream chat by my old performance partner and my "vocal coach," as it were, Jordana Dlugacz (scheduled to appear).  We're going to tackle some of the high parts I'm having difficulty with, like the bridges in "Alera," the bridges in "Gone," the choruses in "Free," and maybe "Moving to Silence."  I'll also talk a bit about some of the technical issues I've had in recording vocals, and why I'm moving vocal recording to the individual song sessions I made for mixing.  As always, the session is streamed live, for free, on my LiveStream channel.

Thursday 6/14 6pm: I will be a guest on The Freedom's Wings Show with Diane Student.  Diane is a fan and supporter who is part of Big Dawg Music Mafia, an online community for conservative artists that's been very good to me.  We'll talk music, politics, and the ups and downs of recording an album entirely "in public" - and why more of that public should be watching.  Diane streams a live camera with the audio feed of the show on her page on BigDawg Media.  Scroll down to the player and click the "Play" button to hear the show at 6:00pm.

Thursday 6/14 8pm: Immediately following The Freedom's Wings Show, vocal sessions continue on my LiveStream channel.

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